Music update: Oaken Moths, Procyon, BlackHoleCam

For close to two decades, I have been producing and releasing electronic music. I haven’t always had a great deal of time and energy to put into it – my PhD took a lot of that – but recently, I’ve been producing a bit more again, and I thought I’d share an update via this blog. (I’ve been quiet for a while, but more posts are coming, including an update to Rama.)

Oaken Moths

Oaken Moths is a new alias I’ve created with my friend Koen de Boer. Together, we produce music of many different genres, which we release ourselves, independently – an interesting experiment. Check out our first four tracks below!

‘How Was Your Journey’, a dark progressive-house track with sci-fi influences… Do you recognize the dialogue?
‘Shells’ is more groovy and melodic.
‘Wild Honey’ is a moody breakbeat track.
‘Planetary Motions’ is a relaxing ambient track featuring a lecture by Richard Feynman in the background!

New trance track ‘Procyon’

I’ve been producing trance since 2002, and it’s a genre I still enjoy a great deal. My newest trance track has been out on Armada Music for a few months now – check it out:

My new trance track, ‘Procyon’, out now on Armada’s “A State of Trance”.

BlackHoleCam music

About a year ago, I created some new music to go with a “Black Hole VR” experience created at our university. I’ve received a few messages about this short piece, so I thought I’d share it on my blog – feel free to download it below! I’ll include the Black Hole VR video as well.

Download “BlackHoleCam Track 1” here

The 360-degree video for which I produced “BlackHoleCam Track 1”.

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