Key publications
RAPTOR I: Time-dependent radiative transfer in arbitrary spacetimes
T. Bronzwaer, J. Davelaar, Z. Younsi, M. Mościbrodzka, H. Falcke, M. Kramer, L. Rezzolla

RAPTOR II: Polarized radiative transfer in curved spacetime
T. Bronzwaer, Z. Younsi, J. Davelaar, H. Falcke

First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results, I, II, III, IV, V, VI
Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration

Observing supermassive black holes in virtual reality
J. Davelaar, T. Bronzwaer, D. Kok, Z. Younsi, M. Mościbrodzka, H. Falcke

General relativistic magnetohydrodynamical kappa-jet models for Sgr A*
J. Davelaar, M. Mościbrodzka, T. Bronzwaer, H. Falcke

PhD, Astrophysics, Radboud University 2020
MS, Physics and Astronomy, Radboud University 2014
BSc, Aerospace Engineering, University of Southern California 2011
BSc, Computer Science, Utrecht University 2007

Outreach experience
-Extensive and international experience as a guest lecturer and speaker for both professional scientists and the general public
-Co-founder of Sterrenkundeclub Radboud (Astronomy Club Radboud), which hosts 10 lectures per year. Kids of all ages and adults are welcome; the lectures are accessible but cover college-level topics. We generally have 60+ attendees from all over the country, and professors of several universities in The Netherlands and Belgium have presented.

2020 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
RAPTOR research featured on the cover of Astronomy&Astrophysics

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